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Cantt Colonial Walk
Colonial Ride of Agra
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A Brief
Colonial History of Agra

The British took possession of Agra in 1803, and until 1829, the civil administration of the city was conducted by a Collector under the orders of the commissioners of the Ceded and Conquered Provinces. Between 1834 and 1836, Agra had its own Presidency, the Presidency of Agra, but this was abolished and the city was taken into the North-Western Provinces. The first Lieutenant-Governor installed there was Charles Metcalfe. Agra remained the seat of government for the province until 1858, when the administration was transferred to Allahabad. In 1903, the North-Western Provinces were renamed the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh (United Provinces for short) and under independent Indian rule this province became Uttar Pradesh.
“Agra isn’t just about the Taj and other Mughal monuments, it’s also a treasure
house of colonial structures from the days of the British Raj.”
The Colonial Walk aim to raise the awareness of the visitors, about the city’s Colonial architecture and heritage monuments. Personalized, educative and imaginative, the walking tours highlight the vast range of architectural styles, planning elements and ornamental details, tracing the social and cultural history of the city.

Cantonment Colonial Walk

Places to Visit
Duration: 2 Hours
  • The Bungalows of Cantonment
  • St George's Cathedral
  • Havelock Memorial Church
  • Post Office
  • St. Mary's Church
  • Queen Empress Mary Library
  • Telegraph Office
  • Sadar Bazar
  • Mother Teresa orphanage
  • Agra College
  • Thompson Hospital
  • John Mills (1887)
  • Telegraph Office
  • St. Mary’s Church

Colonial Ride of Agra

Places to Visit
Duration: 4 Hours
  • The Bungalows of Cantonment
  • Roman Catholic Cemetery (The Red Taj Mahal)
  • Akbar’s Church
  • St George's Cathedral
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  • St. John’s College
  • St. Paul’s Church, Church Road
  • Queen Victoria Inter College
  • Post Office
  • Strachey bridge Rail-Road bridges-1860
  • Havelock Memorial Church

Founder & Organiser

JP Singh

JP, a Graduate in history from St. Johns Collage Agra and is the Author of “The Colonial Face of the United Province”, he is a man with intellect that is unparalleled and a heart that is divine. His family has been living in Agra for last three generations, His grandfather served in the Royal British Indian Army and retired as a Major and his father retired as a colonel from the Indian Army. He lives at Agra Cantonment in a beautiful Colonial Bungalow along with his mother, wife and two kids. He loves sharing his knowledge of the British Raj and some wonderful stories which came to him through his grandfather, he knows every story behind every street, A tour to explore colonial Agra with JP is an experience in itself.